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Dental Implants for Orthodontics
Clínica IDEA – Your Dental Implant Specialists

The objective of orthodontics consists of correcting the position of teeth and solving issues related to the way in which teeth fit together. Likewise, dental implants for orthodontics try to improve the aspect of the face and the denture by ensuring a proper mastication and supporting the longevity of teeth.

Implant and Crown

There is not a determined age for using dental implants for orthodontics. Bones in the face change throughout the life, but teeth and back teeth have an already defined size. While being in constant movement, bones may provoke that the occlusion in teeth and back teeth is not adequate.

Dental implants for orthodontics are used as an anchor, where an orthodontics wire or string is tensioned, which shall be periodically adjusted to achieve the aimed effect; whereas by using the base of posterior dental pieces for anchoring and moving the anterior pieces, or to mainly occlude posterior teeth that have exceeded the occlusion or bite line due to the lack of their antagonist.

Dental Implants for Orthodontics Implants for orthodontics What is a Dental Implant Smile with dental implant

The placing of dental implants for orthodontics is quite simple; the process does not require needles for anesthesia. These dental implants use a powerful anesthetic gel and no cut or incision is needed; implants for orthodontics join directly to the bone through the gum. The placing process of dental implants for orthodontics takes from 3 to 4 minutes.

Dental implants for orthodontics are also removed easily. Only some anesthetic gel needs to be placed and, by using a screwdriver, the professional may remove the implant without provoking pain or harm.

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