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Dental Implants – Luxury or Health
Is it a luxury to have a healthy denture thanks to Dental Implants?

If the analysis on trends is very important in marketing, in the orthodontics market (and in particular, the dental implants one) it is also important. It comprises dental implants and their development in Mexico.

The question is the following: Is the growth of the dental implant market determinant in the final cost of the treatment? The answer is YES; we just have to take a look to what is happening in other Latin American markets with characteristics similar to our country.

The industry of dental implants is growing worldwide at an approximate rate of 18% per year; this amount duplicates in Latin America, but it is not the case in Mexico. The reasons for this lack of growth of dental implants may be due to several reasons, such as the final price factor of the treatment that includes the dental implant and the crown.

There is a common understanding that the more value, the more quality. This is without a doubt a paradigm that is not always met in orthodontics. IDeA Implantes Dentales Accesibles is a clinic that has perfectly understood this new trend and that above all, does not make sacrifices in the amount of materials. Not only dental implants with the ISO 9001:2000, 13485: 2003, and CE (European Union for Quality Certification) are used, but also we have made the decision to optimize operating costs and to transfer this benefit to the market in order for the dental implant to be more accessible for a larger population.

This is the reason for the “health or luxury” article. At IDeA Implantes Dentales Accesibles we want the health to be accessible, just as it is marked by the trend of dental implants worldwide, as well as the reality of other Latin American markets where the size is tripled in the amount of dental implants compared to Mexico, despite of having a minor population and less dentists.

This new scenario of dental implants will provoke a strong growth, because everybody has the right for good quality and predictability regarding health.

Dental implants are not the contrary to this!

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